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Welcome to Peter Cheung's Yinxu Web site for one of my favorite site in China. This web site presents in detail what is in Yinxu. This web site is to promote Yinxu as a tourist site for foreign travelers who is interested in Art and History. This is the only site about Yinxu (in Anyang China) on the world wide web. I like to let the pictures and photos do the talking. I have found very few information about historic, art and cultural sites of China in English. There are no books or VCD about Yinxu in English. I hope this web site will give those who are interested in Yinxu enough information and pictures to satisfy your curiosity.    There are about 200 pictures with descriptions under "Yinxu Museum sites" and most pictures are taken from VCD. There are about 100 photos I took myself in Yinxu under the "Photo Gallery". There are about 100 pictures of Bronze articles scan from books. There are many extra information for traveling in China with many web links to other sites some in English and some in Chinese.

This is the most famous bigest bronze article every found in China. This is the ZhuMooYe cubical Ding.

Overhead view of the Yinxu Museum

City of AnYang

Horse Carriage Burial

Lady General Tomb

Oracle bone

The photo gallery has been completed.  It contain about 100 photos I took during my trip to Yinxu museum.  The Yinxu Museum sites has about 100 pictures with descriptions.

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 This series of China web site are for foreign travelers. I let the pictures and photos do most of the talking.

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